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Pepper Long Oleoresin #LJPC-O-SOO-027

Pepper Long Oleoresin

Pepper Long Oleoresin

 Botonical Name:piper nigrum
 CAS #:8002-56-0
 Country of Origin:India,Tamil Nadu
 Color & Odor:grayish brownish yellow semi-solid liquid with spicy odor
 Solubility:Soluble in oil, insoluble in water
 Specific Gravity:N/A
 Optical Rotation:N/A
 Refractive Index:N/A
 Flash Point:132.00 °F
 Extraction Method:CO2 Extraction
Pepper Oleoresins are obtained by supercritical fluid extraction (Co2 ) of long peppercorns. These oleoresins are free from solvent, pesticide residues; heavy metal traces and therefore are ideal for high quality pharmaceutical, cosmetic, cosmoceutical, nutraceutical formulations and food products. The pepper oleo resins contains Alkaloids, Piperine (4-10 percent) and Chavicine, which contributes for its pungent taste. 

Black pepper, Pepper 

Volatile Oil content v/w: 20 ml/100gm Piperine content: 40% Residual Solvent (By gas chromotography): Less than 10 ppm 

Pepper can be used in tonic and is also used as a flavor ingredient in food products. In meat products it is used for curing and preserving.

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Pepper Long Oleoresin

Pepper Long Oleoresin
50 ML / 1.691 Oz$20.42
100 ML / 3.381 Oz$35.93
300 ML / 10.144 Oz$105.35
500 ML / 16.907 Oz$171.50
1000 ML / 33.814 Oz$326.67

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