Onion Oleoresin #LJPC-O-SOO-026

Onion Oleoresin

Onion Oleoresin
50 ML / 1.691 Oz$8.33
100 ML / 3.381 Oz$14.67
300 ML / 10.144 Oz$43.00
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Onion Oleoresin

Onion Oleoresin
 Botonical Name:Allium cepa
 CAS #:8000-78-0
 Country of Origin:N/A
 Color & Odor:a pale yellow or brownish-yellow mobile liquid with strong, unpleasant, sulfur odor
 Solubility:Soluble in oil, insoluble in water
 Specific Gravity:N/A
 Optical Rotation:N/A
 Refractive Index:N/A
 Flash Point:N/A
 Extraction Method:steam distillation
:MOQ:50 ml
The oleoresin is extracted from fresh bulb of the onion, which are harvested between September and April. Onion has an ancient reputation as a curative agent. It is high in vitamins A, B and C and shares many of the properties of garlic, to which it is closely related. The oleoresins have lightly sweet & characteristic flavors of onion.

Onion, Oignon, Allium cepa

Volatile oil content < 5% Solvent residue max. 25 ppm Total ash: not more than 3%

Onion Oleoresin can be used as spice and seasoning mixes, for meats, sausages and other food preparations. It is also used in some pharmaceutical preparations for colds, coughs.

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