Blue Lotus

Blue Lotus Absolute Oil

Blue Lotus Absolute Oil
Botonical Name:Nymphaea caerulea
 CAS #:476-66-4
 Country of Origin:North and Central Africa
 Color & Odor:blue with sweet smelling aroma
 Solubility:Sparingly soluble in water freely soluble in alcohols
 Specific Gravity:0.9806
 Optical Rotation:- 1
 Refractive Index:1.5510
:MOQ= 5 ml
Made using high standard extraction technique, our Blue lotus absolute oil is recognized for its delightful aroma. It contains anti-spasmodic called Nuciferin and hence is largely used for providing relief from pain. Apart from this, it is also enriched with aporphine and therefore finds application in promoting sexual desires and creating a feeling of ecstasy. 

Blue Lotus, Egyptian Blue Lotus, Blue Water Lily, Sacred Narcotic Lily of the Nile 

Phytosterols, bioflavonoids and phosphodiesterase. 

Owing to its therapeutic properties, it turns out to be a greatest health tonic ever found. Traditionally used to promote sexual desire, it helps in providing relief from pain, creating a feeling of well being, ecstasy, euphoria as well as helps in increasing circulation. Further, it also contains an anti-spasmotic called Nuciferin.

Blue Lotus Absolute Oil

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300 ML / 10.144 Oz$800.00
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