Bergamot Mint

Mentha Citrata

Mentha Citrata
Botonical NameMentha citrata
CAS #68917-15-7
Country of OriginIndia
Color & OdorSlightly yellowish, pale liquid withSweet fresh clear lavender bergamot odour
Solubilityinsoluble in water but soluble in ethyl alcohol
Specific Gravity0.916 - 0.924 at 15 c
Optical Rotation-70 to -80
Refractive Index1.4582 - 1.4598 at 20 c
Flash Point156 DegreeF
Major Constituentslinalool (50-56%) and linalyl acetate (30-35%)
Extraction MethodCold Pressed
Also known as mentha citrate, Bergamot mint is an erect & well branched out herb that has slender and ovate or elliptical shaped leaves with small thick terminal spikes. A native to southern & central Europe, it is a perennial plant characterized for being hybrid in nature. The oil is derived from nearly ripened fruit of plant and is used in soaps, perfumes & toiletry items.

Vilayati-Pudina, Bergamot mint, Marsh mint; Water mint; Lemon mint.

Most other mints, citrus oils, geranium, basil, lavender, sage and rosemary.

linalool (50-56%) & linalyl acetate (30-35%)

The main use of Bergamot mint oil is in perfumery and cosmetics. It also helps in enhancing weakened male sex drive & eases nervous fatigue. It also helps in acne, asthma, apathy, bowel disorders, catarrhal conditions, bronchitis, colds, congested skin, colic, coughs, digestive problems, dermatitis, dyspepsia, fatigue, faintness, etc.

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Bergamot Mint Oil

Bergamot Mint Oil
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1000 ML / 33.814 Oz$133.33

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